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UK Study Explores Impact of Malpractice Stress

A problem must have a name and definition to be solved, and the increased stress experienced by medical practitioners can only be addressed if its parameters are well defined. One defined source of stress is being named in some kind of official complaint. A recent study surveyed 7,926 United Kingdom physicians, one cohort of whom…
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Dr. Danielle Ofri on Why Would Anyone Choose to Become a Doctor?

When physicians are faced with the anguish and turmoil from a medical mistake or the devastation of faced with any legal action, they may have questioned to themselves and those closest to them, why would anyone choose to become a doctor? Dr. Danielle Ofri has prepared an article, published in the New York Times, which…
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Sara Charles, MD: “On Being a Doctor”

Dr. Plumb’s poignant account of her being sued for malpractice as a second year resident awakens memories for those of us who have been in similar circumstances. Her articulate and intimate description of her years of introspection and suffering provide of mirror for the rest of us who have trodden a similar path. Although dismissed…
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Danielle Ofri M.D. on the Dirty Secret About Medical Errors

This website is devoted to offering support to physicians facing medical malpractice litigation. Underlying litigation is a clinical case that had a poor outcome. There are times when the outcome was beyond the control of the physician. Other times, a medical error could have been at the core of why the patient did not have…
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