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Fridays at 10: When Life Is Unfair to Both Patient and Doctor

For many years, her psychotherapy appointment was on Friday mornings at ten o’clock. One visit, she casually mentioned she was taking psychotropic medications prescribed by two other physicians, her gynecologist and primary care physician. She fought the idea that she was placing herself at risk by being treated by multiple doctors for her affective disorder.…
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Dr. Danielle Ofri on Why Would Anyone Choose to Become a Doctor?

When physicians are faced with the anguish and turmoil from a medical mistake or the devastation of faced with any legal action, they may have questioned to themselves and those closest to them, why would anyone choose to become a doctor? Dr. Danielle Ofri has prepared an article, published in the New York Times, which…
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Sara Charles, MD: “On Being a Doctor”

Dr. Plumb’s poignant account of her being sued for malpractice as a second year resident awakens memories for those of us who have been in similar circumstances. Her articulate and intimate description of her years of introspection and suffering provide of mirror for the rest of us who have trodden a similar path. Although dismissed…
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Recent Article Review: “It Finally Happened to Me”

A recent article in the Annals of Family Medicine (PubMed) entitled “It Finally Happened To Me” featured a physician who was sued for medical malpractice when a young patient under her care died unexpectedly.   She discussed how going through the process affected her.  She wrote of her “embarrassment, shame, frustration and grief” and eventual realization…
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