Traversing The Legal Process

Defendants in lawsuits are better prepared emotionally and legally when they can anticipate both the steps involved in the legal process and the emotional stressors that accompany them. The materials described are offered as informational resources in general and should not be construed as legal advice. Specific questions related to your own case should be discussed with your own attorney.

Traversing The Legal Process

A Glimpse of the Litigation Experience

What is the litigation experience like?
Get an introductory glimpse into the guide's review of the litigation experience - highs, lows, and all in between. Written by Dr. Sara Charles

Recommended Reading

What books should I read on the topic?
There are many books that deal with general coping strategies. These books specifically detail aspects of the litigation process.

Online Resources

What are good online resources for dealing with malpractice litigation?
Find online resources that can help the physician through the emotional and legal experiences associated with the litigation process.

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