This is for real. This is a movement.

These were the inspiring words of Sandeep Kishore, MD at NAM Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience. Gerri Donohue, an Advisory Board member of Physician Litigation Stress, attended this conference on May 2, 2018. She walked away with words that represent a renewed spirit in the community...

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Physician Mental Health and Well Being

Paths to Wellness in Medical Practice. Physicians who experience an adverse event or litigation may find a wealth of evidence-based information in a new book, “Physician Mental Health and Well-Being: Research and Practice” edited by psychiatrists Kirk Brower and Michelle Riba. Although there is little direct reference to litigation itself, this book’s 31 chapters provide…
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Dentists and the Impact of Malpractice Suits

Statistics show that most dentists will be involved in at least one lawsuit alleging dental malpractice sometime during their career. The National Practitioner Data Bank for the years 2006-2016, for example, reports that among the 19,755 dentists in the United States, there were 16,337 medical malpractice payments and 13,772 adverse actions (formal reports not related…
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A Welcome to Our Dental Colleagues

The practice of dentistry is complex and is becoming more so as we proceed into the 21st century.  As new products and procedures become a part of everyday practice, professional liability exposure also increases.  Studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, have shown that healthcare professionals who are sued for malpractice may suffer significant emotional-and even…
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