A Welcome to Our Dental Colleagues

The practice of dentistry is complex and is becoming more so as we proceed into the 21st century.  As new products and procedures become a part of everyday practice, professional liability exposure also increases.  Studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, have shown that healthcare professionals who are sued for malpractice may suffer significant emotional-and even…
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Medscape’s Latest Article – I Survived After Being Sued

Since the first articles informing the public about the impact of litigation on physicians appeared over 30 years ago, very little has changed. So there are no real surprises in the recent Medscape feature, "Five Doctors Tell 'How I Survived After Being Sued", on five doctors who were sued, all of whom were vindicated by…
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Burnout and Malpractice Litigation

As the public and research interest in physician burnout increases as well as the proportion of US physicians affected, it is well to remind ourselves of the important work of Balch et al on the relationship between burnout and malpractice litigation. Six years ago, his group published the results of a survey of 7,197 members…
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In Memoriam – Paul R. Frisch JD

We are saddened to announce the death of our esteemed colleague, Paul R. Frisch JD, who was a true pioneer in promoting the importance of support for physicians who had suffered an adverse event and were involved in litigation. The origin of the word “pioneer” helps to enlarge our view of Paul’s role in this…
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