Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies have Stress Reduction Programs and other services to support physicians. Among the companies that provide materials on their website, some are downloadable for any visitor; others provide materials only for those physicians and other health care professionals they insure.

Companies and What They Offer

Coverys ( understands a claim, lawsuit, or serious adverse event can have an emotional and professional impact that changes the way healthcare professionals practice. That’s why we offer an Emotional Support Program to help you better understand and cope with these impacts.

Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) ( believes that litigation stress can have an enormous impact on a physician’s well-being. Among the ways that CAP supports its physicians in litigation is an article [download article] written by a physician member of CAP’s education committee. The article summarizes the results of the CAP Physician Wellness Survey [download survey] in which more than 600 CAP physicians participated. Not surprisingly to any practicing physician, the number one stressor under “Professional Issues” was Decreasing Reimbursement. The good news is the same physicians use outside activities to reduce or relieve their stress.

The Doctors Company ( has created the video series “What to Expect from Litigation” and “Malpractice Case Studies: What Went Wrong” to provide physicians with insight about what to expect if they are sued for malpractice, and how to cope. Since litigation stress and burnout are connected, our Physician Burnout resource page explores solutions and makes clinicians aware of our programs that may help in reducing burnout, such as our Team-Building INSIGHT Service. An unwavering commitment to clinician well-being is essential to optimizing quality of care and patient safety.

MagMutual ( has created the Doctor2Doctor® Peer Support Program, a first-of-its kind initiative. The program pairs physicians facing litigation with colleagues, or Peer Supporters, who have been through a trial to verdict. Peer Supporters understand the emotions that can accompany being sued and are paired with physician policyholders for emotional support and empathetic listening.

Medical Insurance Exchange of California ( has a newsletter on the litigation process. Non-members can go to and visit the Publications section under the "Manage Your Risk" tab. By scrolling down to "Newsletters - Public Access," one can review several newsletters, including "When trouble comes knockin' ... What to do when legal papers arrive." The company also has a very useful article in their EXCHANGE magazine entitled "Coping with the Stress of Litigation". The company sponsors the Alameda-Contra Costa County Medical Society that has a Stress of Litigation Committee that meets semi-annually and whose members serve as a resource to medical society members and MIEC policy holders.

Medical Interactive Community ( offers a comprehensive online guide for physicians and other healthcare providers preparing for malpractice litigation and deposition at Expertly developed by physicians, nurses, and other providers who have experienced litigation first-hand, this resource features engaging educational videos on stress management as well as online resources to explain what physicians can expect during the litigation process. Medical Interactive Community is a subsidiary of LAMMICO, a PIAA medical professional liability insurance company.

MedAmericaMutual (, is an insurer for emergency medicine physicians that offers among its services a Personal Litigation Stress Support Program, for insureds who are named defendants in medical professional liability lawsuits. They are offered a confidential support and guidance service from an experienced litigation stress specialist.

Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland provides free access to Doctors RX Risk Management Newsletter. An online stress management program is available for "members only."

Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company ( has an extensive risk management program with popular materials such as the Deposition Handbook and Litigation Handbook for Opthamologists in .pdf format that are available to all visitors.

Medical Professional Liability Association (MPL) ( is a trade association of more than 50 professional liability insurance companies owned and operated by physicians and dentists.

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