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How We Can Help Ourselves After a Bad Event

A patient under our care dies unexpectedly. Another of our patients develops a rare and life-threatening allergic reaction. Another patient commits suicide three months after we last saw them. All are traumatic and tragic events. If we are in any way sensitive to the relationship we have with our patients, such events have a deep…
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Can Wisdom Follow a Medical Error?

The authors of an article in Academic Medicine (Wisdom in Medicine by Plews-Ogan et al., [PMID 26352764]) suggest that “wisdom”, partially defined as comprehending “the deeper meaning of the interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects of life, [tolerating] ambiguity and uncertainty as well as [understanding] the limits of his or her knowledge,” is not only a wished-for…
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PIAA on Malpractice Litigation Trends: Claims Down, Severity Up

The number of medical malpractice claims has decreased in recent years but the severity of claims is up, according to the PIAA. The PIAA’s findings come from its Data Sharing Project (DSP), the largest ongoing independent collaborative database of medical professional liability (MPL) claims and lawsuits. An excellent malpractice litigation support resource for physicians, the…
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Sara Charles, MD: “On Being a Doctor”

Dr. Plumb’s poignant account of her being sued for malpractice as a second year resident awakens memories for those of us who have been in similar circumstances. Her articulate and intimate description of her years of introspection and suffering provide of mirror for the rest of us who have trodden a similar path. Although dismissed…
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