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This is for real. This is a movement.

These were the inspiring words of Sandeep Kishore, MD at NAM Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience. Gerri Donohue, an Advisory Board member of Physician Litigation Stress, attended this conference on May 2, 2018. She walked away with words that represent a renewed spirit in the community...

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Do Disclosure and Early Resolution Programs Work?

Mello, Boothman, McDonald et al’s report in the January 2014 issue of Health Affairs ( on “Communication-And-Resolution (CRP) Programs: The Challenges and Lessons Learned from Six Early Adopters.” (; PMID # 243959310) reviews two models of such programs as well as the lessons learned after 6 years of operation. The first, an early settlement model…
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Litigation Stress Support: How Organizations Can Help

There is ample evidence that an adverse event, the threat of litigation or, of course, litigation itself causes significant emotional distress to any healthcare practitioner who may be involved.  Because of several factors (shame and/or humiliation, the fear of discoverability of conversations, or the lack of training of peers to effectively support each other), individuals…
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